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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting to Know You :: Lisa

Happy Halloween everyone! We have a special treat for you today! We've reached the last interview in our "Getting to Know You" Peachy Keen Designer series. We hope you've enjoyed learning more about each of these amazing women who make our stamps sparkle & shine!

Lisa Buttafuoco
has been a blessing in our PK DT family. She is one of the most thoughtful, caring people you will ever meet but also won't hesitate to tell you how she feels about something. That balance makes her a fantastic friend! Innovative and inventive, Lisa is always testing uncharted waters, creating from an imagination that is only limited by the time constraints of tending to two toddler daughters! Here's how Lisa answered her questions for this week!

How long have you been a designer for Peachy Keen Stamps?
I have been on the design team since the Summer of this year. When I was asked to join the team I about fell off my chair. I was so excited but then I panicked!

How would you describe your design style?

I am laughing because I am not sure what my style is!! Whatever is in my crazy mind at the moment. But I do like to do some fun things that will put a smile on someone's face.

What is your FAVORITE Peachy Keen Set?
No fair! This is a hard question..I couldn't just pick one!! I do find myself using the Everyday Character Faces all the time and I love the Winter Peekers. When I saw the PKS Monster faces I just giggled and fell in love. I think I can go on and on with my favorites. Honestly when I think I have my favorite Kathy comes out with even more to knock my socks off. I

Besides stamping, what other crafts and hobbies do you enjoy?
I am an avid cooker, all day and night. I truly enjoy cooking and would cook all day if I could. I just HATE cleaning!! One of my favorite things to do is take left overs and make a whole different meal with things people would normally throw away. When I need something that I don't have, I make it myself. The bus stop is in front of my house and the kids come off of it and if I am outside they yell "Miss Lisa, any goodies today?". It makes me smile to make people happy.

Who inspires you?
First and foremost my kids. But I also get inspiration from the oddest places. I will be dressing my kids and just stare at them and admire what they are wearing and the next thing I know I jump up and run into my craft room to write down my idea before I forget it. I just love the patterns in children's clothing.

You're asked to get crafty in a room with absolutely no supplies -you can bring five tools. What do you bring with you?
My Paper cutter, cardstock, Cricut Expression, white gel pen and of course oodles of glue!

What is your crafty space like?
You don't want to know. I have moved it 2x's and I still keep growing and growing with all of my stuff. I don't get alot of time in my room and never get to pick up from the project before. I have to climb over things at times. I have a huge scrap room with several tables but I work out of a small 12X12 space. One day I am going to be on the TV show Hoarders!

What is your favorite music to play while creating?
Depends on my mood. Sometimes I put on the top 40's, and other times I just bop along (thank goodness no one is watching) to 80's or 90's music.

Here's Lisa's favorite PKS project she's created as a DT member (it's OUR favorite, too!!!)


  1. What a gorgeous LO! Beautiful baby too!

  2. It is so fun to learn more about you Lisa. You are so sweet.

  3. It's an absolute privilege to be able to call Lisa friend! She is a TOTAL enabler and I am in AWE of her! xxx

  4. That layout is beautiful. I love how you did the flowers and the little girl is so sweet.