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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peachy Keen Stamps :: Getting to Know Nikki

Sassy, funny, entertaining and above all, CREATIVE! ALL perfect words to describe the power house that is Nikki. She cranks out ton of projects each month, and we are so PROUD to have her showcasing our Peachy characters & faces. {Wanna know what I mean by funny - she made a SPIDER PIG card!! Ha ha one of my faves!!}

How long have you been a designer for Peachy Keen Stamps?

I have been lucky to be part of the Peachy Family since the end of November last year. It's almost my one year peachiversary! Yeah!

How would you describe your design style?
I guess I'd have to say fairly "cutesy".

What is your FAVORITE Peachy Keen Set?
Well this is just a mean question! LOL...I LOVE them all, but if you MADE me choose I'd have to say Everyday Character Faces...AND...Nikkity Knack Cat Gang for obvious reasons!

Besides stamping, what other crafts and hobbies do you enjoy?
I love to crochet, cross-stitch,bead,make ornament covers, and I LOVE to play with my Cricut Expression and Gypsy!

Who inspires you?
All my Peachy sisters of course! They are ALL MEGA TALENTED and I sometimes feel like giving up after seeing their amazing creations! Apart from them...I find inspiration it a billboard, magazine, or a city bus sign INSPIRATION ABOUNDS if you just keep your eyes open and "see" it!

You're asked to get crafty in a room with absolutely no supplies -you can bring five tools. What do you bring with you?
PeachyKeen Stamps OF COURSE!
Kraft cardstock
paper trimmer
white gel pen
my cricut expression

What is your crafty space like?
It is "mobile". LOL... I have a craft room, but I feel stuck back I do most of my crafting at the kitchen table.

What is your favorite music to play while creating?
I really don't listen to music. I almost always have some outrageously CHEESY lifetime movie on! Come on, you know you watch em too! Fess up!

We wanted to know what Nikki's favorite Peachy Keen project was and she said she loved this one the best {we love it, too!}

Here's the one we chose {and it may look just a wee bit familar ;)}

Thanks for stopping by - stop back again next Sunday, and we'll fill you in on how Emma answered these questions! Have a great week, everyone! :)


  1. awwww yay Nikki! I'm going to start calling you Spider Pig ok? :)

  2. Nikki has been such a "PEACHY" inspiration to me!! Love ya Nikki!! :)

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  4. Sorry... I wrote the same thing twice and deleted my comment. I adore you as a designer and a friend!! You are the bomb Ka-nikkity!! I have loved every single project you have made.. absolutely and hands down! Not only a great designer but a wonderful inspiration and an awesome friend!
    :) Love YA!
    BIG HUGS, Kathy

  5. Nikki, you are AMAZING!!! It was so fun to learn more about you!

  6. Love ya Nikki!!! That spiderpig....oh my goodness, priceless! Thanks for introducing me to Peachy Keen Stamps!

  7. Chatting to Nikki on the phone is a RIOT!!! She's seriously MENTAL...(In a good way of course)!!! LOL She's the kind of gal you want by your side 'coz she'd be there through thick and thin.....laughin' at'cha!! LOVE her!!
    Hugs Viv xxx

  8. I loved learning more about you, Nikki, and I so can relate to having those cheesy Lifetime movies going. You are so much fun and sooo funny, and an inspiration to us all! You always leave me smiling, whether it's with something you've said, or your amazing crafty creations. You ROCK!!!!

    Love ya,